ST-30H Non-invasive ventilator

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Product Detail

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High performance Non-invasive Ventilation Solution

Accurate oxygen concentration

Premium automatic synchronization technology, excellent man-machine synchronization

1.Ventilation modes


Volume Assured Technology(VAT)

Automatically estimates the pressure need to fit target tidal volume according to patient’s change and provides incrementally IPAP and EPAP.

 Applied departments:

ICU, Respiratory dept. Emergency dept. Neurosurgery dept. Geriatrics dept.Cardiolology dept.

 Easy to use

-Battery with 8 hours life

5.7 inch colorful LCD screen

One button control

 Integrated trolly

The trolly can be equipped with a ventilator,battery,humidifier, boom, oxygen cylinder, tubing and mask at the same time, and the whole set of treatment equipment can be moved with one hand.


Premium Automatic Synchronization Technology

Excellent man-machine synchronization

The device triggers inhalation based on flow and volume, so can judge the trigger timing according to the patient’s inhalation effort.

The trigger has 3 grades, and can satisfy patients who need the particularly sensory threshold

The device can automatically adapt the algorithm logic to disease status and wearing conditions. Even in high frequency respiration or leakage changing, also keep the pressure accurate and stable.

 Accurate Oxygen concentration control Better oxygenation

High-quality improvement of the blood oxygen saturation by the accurate and stable calculating and adjusting oxygen concentration

Connect with central oxygen supply system directly, and

can work without extra oxygen flow indicator .

Real-monitoring the oxygen concentration. The alarm is triggered by the abnormal oxygen concentration for the oxygen therapy safety.

Parameters of ST-30H

Parameters Description
Ventilation mode S/T,CPAP,S,T,PC,VAT
Oxygen concentration 21%-100%
Screen size 5.7 inches color screen
Waveform Pressure/flow
IPAP 4-30cmH2O
EPAP 4-25cmH2O
CPAP 4-20cmH2O
Target tidal volume 25ml-2500ml
Backup BPM 1-60BPM
Backup Ti 0.2s-4.0s
Rise time 1-6 Levels
Ramp time 0-60min(One unit per minute)
Ramp pressure CPAP mode:4cmH2O-CPAP;Other mode:4-25cmH20
Pressure relief 1-3 Levels
Spontaneous Timin 0.2-4.0S
Spontaneous Timax 0.2-4.0S
I-Trigger setting Auto,1-3 Levels
E-Trigger setting Auto,1-3 Levels
Trigger lock Off,0.3-1.5S
Method of measure pressure The pressure sensor of oxygen tube on mask side
Real-time monitoring data Oxygen concentration/Oxygen Source pressure/Pressure/Ventilation Per Min/Breath rate/Current leakage/Trigger method
Alarms Apnea/Disconnection/Low minute volume/Low tidal volume/Power off/Over high pressure
Backup battery Removable backup battery(Standby 8 hours
Weight Main devive:2.9kg Battery:2.6kg
Dimensions(LWH) 24.3×16.7x13cm
AC voltage 110-240VAC
Electrical requirements 110-240VAC,50/60Hz

Humidifier parameters

Heating range 40-70℃
Adjustment 1-9 Levels


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